Monday, February 9, 2015

All About That [802.11]n

On the lighter side:  For a snowy Monday after WLPC 2015, I present a theme song for the Wi-Fi engineer.

All About That [802.11]n

A parody of "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor
Written by Jason D. Hintersteiner (@EmperorWiFi)
Copyright 2015

Because you know I'm all about that n, 'bout that n (no b/g)
I'm all about that n, 'bout that n (no b/g)
I'm all about that n, 'bout that n (no b/g)
I'm all about that n, 'bout that n <eight oh two eleven n>

Yeah it's pretty clear, I ain't ac wave two
But I can stream it, stream it.. like I'm supposed to do
'Cause I got that MIMO MIMO that all devices chase
All the right signal in all the right places!

I see the heat maps
Drawn out in Photoshop
We know that shit ain't real
Come on now, make it stop!
If you got surveys, surveys, just raise 'em up
Cause every inch of you needs coverage,
From the bottom to the top!

Yeah my client he told me "Don't worry 'bout budget size,
'Cause I need one million iPads connected before it dies!
Give me unlimited bandwidth and signal had best be strong,
And if you serve captive portals, then go 'head and move along."

CHORUS {repeat}

I'm bringing dual band back
And an IPv4/v6 dual stack
Serving devices 'cross my coverage map.
<but I'm here to tell ya>
If you're only running 2.4 then your Wi-Fi will be crap!

CHORUS {repeat 3x)

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