Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Staggering 6 GHz Static Wi-Fi Channels

For those like me who like static channel patterns, I decided to codify a set of static channel staggering rules for 6 GHz, both neighboring APs on a floor and “stacked” (or reasonably offset) APs on neighboring floors.  I have established rules for both intra- and inter-floor for indoor 80 MHz, as well as for outdoor (UNII-5 and UNII-7 only) 80 MHz (low density) and 40 MHz (moderate density).  At some point, I will add indoor 40 MHz, and likely outdoor 20 MHz as well.




How practical a static channel plan will be for a 6 GHz outdoor deployment given the nature of AFC is anybody’s guess.  At WLPC2023, I publicly asked Federated Wireless if there are going to be planning tools available, such that Wi-Fi designers can know which specific channels are likely to be “off limits” for a particular geographic coordinates.   If such AFC planning tools could get integrated into Wi-Fi planning software packages like Ekahau, Hamina, and Tamograph (hint, hint), that would be extremely useful indeed to the Wi-Fi community at large.


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